Here’s A Quick Way to Get Sales Leads from Linkedin and Twitter

Harnessing your Internet Marketing strategies can be great for lead generation and so I would like to share with you a couple of quick ways to get sales leads from two popular social media platforms. I hope you find them useful.

LinkedIn First Step:

Create a Targeted List –

You can easily find targeted lists of people, by using the advanced search feature.

By clicking on the advanced tab you have the option of filtering your search to include a number of factors. Including: –


If you upgrade for a paid LinkedIn premium membership, then additionally you have access to, filtering options such as: –

Company Size
Seniority Level
Membership of Certain Groups

This feature is great because you can then, build a list of targeted prospects, quickly and easily.

Second step: –Step:

Start talking to Your Prospects –

Once you know who you want to speak to, you can start a conversation with them. If you are not connected with the prospect you want to talk to already, you cannot send a message to them, this is a feature of a premium account but if you are connected you can send them a message and introduce yourself.

It’s probably not a great idea to immediately try and sell something to them, as I always say, know, like and trust is really important in building relationships.

So there you have a quick way to find prospects on LinkedIn, now let’s look at Twitter.


Twitter is a social networking platform, where people have conversations. It is a great place to chat and engage opinions on ideas you might have. While it is not a great site to sell directly from, it is nevertheless a good place to find prospects.

Here’s the best way to use the platform to find sales leads : –

Use a tool such as, to find out what the most popular hashtags are, as well as related hashtags around it.

Next step is to go to Twitter and enter the hashtag in the search bar. This will show you all the users who are interested in this topic. You can then start interacting with them and asking questions, about their hashtag, or brand. Basically, engaging with them.

Typing in different hashtags may reveal people who are looking for what you can provide. What is the solution to the problem they are talking about on Twitter? Again, you can then start a conversation with them and at the appropriate time offer up a solution.

Don’t jump straight in

You wouldn’t ask a date to marry you the first time you went out would you?! Monitor the hashtags and monitor the conversations, and interact appropriately. Remember, know, like and trust.

Once you are in a conversation make sure you are upfront and offer them a solution to their problems. While you are conducting this conversation online, remember this is a human to human interaction and so treat your prospect like you would like to be treated yourself. No hard sell!

Hope you have enjoyed these 2 tips about finding leads from LinkedIn and Twitter.