How Could You Become an Interpreneur?

Here at the Internet Business School we’re always on the look out for the next generation of interpreneurs, looking to make their fortunes online. You may be wondering, what is an interpreneur and what has it got to do with me? Well look no further because here is everything you need to know about these money-making entrepreneurs and how you can start raking in the profits too.


What is an Interpreneur?

An Interpreneur is an Internet Entrepreneur. Interpreneurs make money from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere they choose with their own laptops. They use the latest internet marketing trends to sell products fast, always looking out for new opportunities and making money where other less tech-savvy businesses lose out. Interpreneurs often leave their dull nine-to-five jobs and work their own hours and on their own terms. This grants them a lot of freedom and more time for their hobbies and interests.


Would I have to quit my current job to become an Interpreneur?

Not at all. You can fit being an Interpreneur around your current working lifestyle. One of the greatest things about selling online is that you can be incredibly flexible with your hours. Not only that, if you sell an information product like an ebook, you can set it up to sell and let it run with minimal supervision, making money whilst you’re at work, out and about, anywhere!


I already have my own business, can I still be an Interpreneur?

Of course! By making the most of internet marketing trends, you can bring your business to new heights by using the skills of the Interpreneur!  In this day and age, the internet is the best place to find new customers, be it through a brilliant website or great social media presence. These are the sorts of tools Interpreneurs use to sell. And, if you don’t want to use these skills on your existing business, you can always set up another using the flexible working hours of working online.  You can making money from a online side venture whilst focusing on your main business – it’s win-win!


What skills do I need to be an Interpreneur?

Interpreneurs are hardworking creative thinkers, with a keen eye for business opportunities and the latest trends in online marketing. Using such tools as search engine optimisation, online stores, social media advertising and much more, they bring their products in front of those who need them most. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a natural at any of these things to start down the road of the Interpreneur. There’s plenty of time to learn as you create your online presence and plenty of resources to do so.


Will it cost me a fortune to learn how to be an Interpreneur?

It won’t cost you a thing. There are free workshops  that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming an Interpreneur. These one day training covers everything from finding yourself a product you can sell, to recognising profitable markets, to setting yourself up an online presence that far surpasses any of your competitors. Usually these courses cost £147 to attend but in the coming months they’re being offered absolutely free. It’s a chance of a lifetime!


How do I find out more?

Visit to find out more about what you could learn on a free one day workshop. If you want to start making money as and when its suits you, it’s advisable to book yourself straight away.